Compliance Matters

Hoyhaul is fully compliant with RMS standards, and has qualified for high performance accreditation in load capacity, roadworthiness and driver safety. With strict observation and adherence to government prescribed quality standards, clients can rest assured Hoyhaul is in the very best position to provide outstanding line haul services by being certified for:
1. Mass Management. Allowing Hoyhaul to deliver larger payloads so clients can redeem more value for their freight dollars.
2. Maintenance Management. Hoyhaul is RMS audited every two years, and completes monthly inhouse auditing to a rigid company standard.
3. Fatigue Management. Hoyhaul's drivers are able to work for 14 hours per day as opposed to the standard 12, due to adherence to basic fatigue management through the strict use of log books, work diary, and monthly auditing of each and every driver. This professional approach gives clients an extra two hours per day for long hauls, and peace of mind knowing that hoyhaul operates to the highest professional standard.